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  I took a cutting from an old willow tree. I brought it to my garden and planted.

 I had been taking care of a new tree up until next spring. Then, I uprooted it,

cut it into pieces,

wraped it into a wet cloth and took it to a different land.

Upon my arrival to Romania, I planted one cutting of the new tree and made a papyrus-like material using the rest of it.

       willow2        willow4

  In order to make papyrus, I turned wood into pulp, divided pulp to the little particles and left them soaking in the water for a while.         

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     I blended pulp with water and boiled it several times until it was completely submerged.
Then, I mixed wood slurry with other ingredients and put this mix into a tray.

When it became dry, I got a sheet of papyrus-like material.


home page __part 2